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Our small team of licensed attorneys has been helping people pass the bar exam for over a decade, with a particular emphasis on essay exams.

Success on the MEE

The Multistate Essay Exam is administered in 42 states and is part of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). LexBar prepares students to pass this essay exam. If you combine LexBar with a course from Adaptibar for the MBE, you have a complete study program for the Uniform Bar Exam.

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If the MEE is part of your bar exam, LexBar can help.

You can’t just study for the MBE and hope for the best. The two tests cover different subject areas and require different strategies for learning and testing. LexBar helps you raise your essay score through substantive practice.

The Multistate Essay Exam includes the subjects covered by the MBE but adds eight additional subject areas not tested on the MBE. LexBar prepares you for all 15 subject areas with outlines of law and interactive quizzes to highlight the most frequently tested legal rules.

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Have you heard the rumor? It goes like this: “just study for the MBE, and you can ‘wing it’ on the MEE.” Sadly, this advice causes many students to fail the bar exam. In UBE jurisdictions, the Multistate Essay Exam is worth 30% of your overall score. With cumulative scoring, you can’t afford to do poorly on the MEE.

Eight subject areas are covered by the MEE but are not covered by the MBE. You must use a study resource that includes an outline of law and learning tools covering these eight additional subjects.

LexBar is great as a companion program to an MBE-only course like Adaptibar and together provides you with everything you need for the UBE at a fraction of the price you’d otherwise pay.

Some students find they need some extra help with the essays. In that case, LexBar is a great companion to any primary bar review course, such as those from Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis.

Subject AreaTested on MBE?Tested on MEE?
Civil ProcedureYESYES
Constitutional LawYESYES
Contracts (w/ UCC Art 2)YESYES
Criminal Law & ProcedureYESYES
Real PropertyYESYES
Corporations and LLCsNOYES
Conflict of LawsNOYES
Family LawNOYES
Trusts and Future InterestsNOYES
Wills and EstatesNOYES
Topics covered on the MEE and MBE
JurisdictionMEE AdministeredUBE State
District of ColumbiaYesYes
New HampshireYesYes
New JerseyYesYes
New MexicoYesYes
New YorkYesYes
North CarolinaYesYes
North DakotaYesYes
Rhode IslandYesYes
South CarolinaYesYes
South DakotaYesNo
West VirginiaYesYes
No. Mariana IslandsYesNo
Puerto RicoNoNo
Virgin IslandsYesYes
States that administer the MEE as part of the Bar Exam

Which states give the Multistate Essay Exam?

The number of states administering the MEE is growing constantly, as more and more states are adopting the Uniform Bar Exam. In states that administer the UBE, the essay exam is worth 30% of your overall score.

However, some states that give the MEE are not UBE states. In those states, the scoring of the essay exam can vary. For example, in Mississippi, the MEE is worth 15% of the overall bar exam score. South Dakota students must get an average of 75% or higher on the combined MPT, MEE, and Indian law portion of that examination to pass. In those jurisdictions that do not administer the UBE, the scoring of the MEE can vary widely. Always check the rules in your jurisdiction to understand the scoring of your exam.

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I’ve struggled with essays.

You’re not alone! For some students, the essays are the most difficult part of the exam. Many students enroll in LexBar after they have failed the bar exam one or more times. Our course is designed to benefit first-time takers as well as re-takers. Students who struggle with the essays will often add LexBar to a traditional full bar review course such as Barbri, Kaplan, or Themis. It is possible to use LexBar this way to boost your essay skills beyond what’s possible with your primary bar review course alone. We have a LexBar syllabus designed just for students using a full bar review course but needing that extra push for the essays.

I want a flexible option.

Some students are looking for an inexpensive way to design their own study program for the UBE. Often these students are already licensed but may be seeking admission in a UBE jurisdiction. Other times, these students are just high-achievers who can do well even without the major bar prep companies’ extensive handholding. If you’re in this category, LexBar plus Adaptibar is a great option. For less than half the cost of a major bar prep course, you can get everything you need to succeed on the UBE. LexBar has a syllabus designed to complement MBE-only courses like Adaptibar.

Why LexBar?

We do essays. Our small team of lawyers has been helping students pass essay exams for over a decade. We’ve distilled our in-depth knowledge of the essay exam into a program that anyone can use to succeed on this challenging part of the bar exam. Our interactive quizzes break down authentic MEE essay questions into manageable chunks, giving you a framework to learn and remember the most frequently tested legal rules. The course is self-paced, so it’s ready when you are. Some students complete our “accelerated track” designed for those already licensed or using a full-service bar review course. Others complete our “extended schedule,” which is perfect for students who didn’t pass the bar exam last time or feel that they need an extra boost to their essay performance. Whatever path you chose, the LexBar method will help you succeed on your essays. There are plenty of companies ready to help with the MBE; trust your essay performance to LexBar.

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